About Us

Welcome to Motor Services Rossendale Ltd. We are ideally located close to Rawtenstall town centre in Rossendale. We offer M.O.T, prep work, service and repair for all domestic vehicles.

We can also supply and fit all parts required to keep your motor operating safely.

Our garage includes a fully authorised M.O.T. bay equipped with the latest tools and diagnostic hardware.

We offer a fast and efficient service and all our work and parts are guaranteed.

What we do


We have a purpose built M.O.T. bay with a waiting room where you can relax while your car is tested.

Rest assured your motor is in good hands. All of our M.O.T. testers are VOSA regulated.

We will M.O.T. your car in line with all standard procedures as specified by VOSA. Free re-tests are a standard procedure.

Car Servicing

Regular servicing of your car is essential and helps keep your motor in a roadworthy condition - this is very important to you.

All our staff are trained to service and inspect your vehicle to the highest level. Regular servicing means better safety, better fuel economy and less costly repairs.

When oil and filter changes are required - we only use the best lubricants and filters.

Car Parts

At Motor Services Rossendale, we only use quality parts and all fittings are fully guaranteed. We like to keep our labour costs low whilst providing a knowledgable honest reliable service when carrying out supply and fit of essential car parts required to keep you motoring.

Tyre Safety

Always try to be extra careful when approaching potholes - your tyres can be damaged very easily. Potholes can slice into the tyre sidewall, or in some cases the tyres can be punctured which would mean replacement or repair of the tyre.

Make sure you check your tyres if you do hit a pothole in case of damage to the tyre.

UK guidelines say that tyres should be checked regulary for tread depth, pressure and general damage. If in doubt seek advice from our trained tyre expert... if you drive on damaged or worn tyres you are at risk of both invalidating your car insurance policy, incurring penalty points and endangering those around you. It's always advisable to check your tyres for an illegal tread depth, damage, deterioration, exposed lining or exposed cords. If in doubt give us a call or pop round to Motor Services Rossendale.

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